Wednesday, March 24, 2010

So excited! Thank you!

One of my best blogging buddies gave me this award!  Please go check out MommyLovesStillettos.  She's an awesome mom and and even better person.  Go check her out, I promise you'll love her just like me!

The rules that go along with this award are that I have to tell you seven things about me and pass this on to seven Beautiful Bloggers!  So here we random facts about me :)
1.  I have a bagel and fat free cottage cheese every morning without fail.  It is my must have to start my day right!
2.  I adore being outside when the weather is nice.  I'll take the kids to the park, shopping, the lake, etc just to have an excuse to be outside.
3.  I really want a Keurig! I had a cup of french vanilla coffee out of my son's speech therapists office last week and since then, I've been lusting for one.  And I don't even drink coffee!
4.  I really dislike people who always have to "one up" you.  If we're talking about my workout at the gym and they say how they did 15 min more than me, or they burned however many more calories then me.  It's the quickest way to have me avoid you at all costs!
5.  I'm always the youngest mom at school functions.  It makes me feel like all the other moms are looking at me as that "teen mom" which I so am not!
6.  I'm completely addicted to Diet Pepsi. Diet Coke could never compare.
7.  I haven't spoken to my mom in almost 3 years, and although I personally don't care anymore, part of me really wishes she would just be involved in my kids lives.  The other part of me thinks they're better off without her.

Giving this award to only 7 bloggers is hard!  Everyone I read is just so great.
Now the 7 bloggers I give this award to are:


MommyLovesStilettos said...

The company I work for is a Keurig dealer and we have them all over the office. I love them!

WolfeFamily said...

Wow!!! thank you so much!! That is awesome :o) Does your link over there with your "sssh mommys hiding" send a direct link to you? Also, how did you make that?