Friday, April 13, 2012

Being a person is getting to complicated. Time to be a Unicorn!

Busy, busy around here! There's 5 weeks left in the semester and I can NOT wait for it to end! This semester is killing me. A&P is literally kicking my butt from this side to the other. I'm reaching SO hard for that C....if I can grasp it in these next 5 weeks I'll be freakin ecstatic. You'll be able to tell if I get the "C" by the screams of joy you'll hear all the way at your house.
Had an "odd" encounter with my math professor tonight though. See I'm doing SO well in the class (and I'm sure I've mentioned this) that he's asked why I'm even in the class. So everytime we have a "review day" before our unit tests he always tells me I can go home and I don't need to "stay and be bored" while he reviews with everyone else. Today was no different. He came up to my desk and said "Did you complete the review packet?" and I replied "yep" and he said "well then you're welcome to go home!" So I started getting my stuff together and he walked back to the front of the classroom. As I was walking to the door he came out from behind his desk and kinda raised his arms and started to put them around me like he was going to hug me. So I kinda gave him this quick hug and said "have a nice weekend" and he walked me to the classroom door and opened the door for me and was like "I don't even know what I'm doing this weekend." I said "are you still remodeling your bathroom?" (He mentioned in class he's been remodeling the bathroom). He replied "no that's on monday." So I just said "oh ok, well bye" and walked down the hallway.
It was.....odd
Of course the thing that is going through my mind was "OMG why did he HUG me??" and "I can just imagine what everyone else in the class is thinking "Gee no wonder she's doing so well..." "No wonder she gets to leave early" GAH! And it's not like he was flirting with me (I mean he's like in his mid to upper 60's!) Then I am thinking "what if he WASN'T going to hug me and I hugged him taking it that way?? Now he's probably sitting there going "why did she hug me? That's odd!"
AHHHHHH now I'm gonna think about this constantly, and it's going to be weird going into class on Tuesday!
In other news, I had Avery's annual IEP meeting this afternoon. It went really well all things considered. They've removed everything from his IEP except speech. They've added some goals for Articulation, and also some "correct speed of speaking" goals because Avery tends to talk a mile a minute, which makes him VERY unitelligible! For a kid who has Apraxia, speaking a mile a minute only makes things a million times worse! They've decreased his frequency of speech sessions from three 30 minutes sessions a week down to two 30 minute sessions a week. This was because she said in kindergarten she really wants Avery to be in the classroom as much as possible. With this schedule he'll spend 80% of the time in the classroom. We're all concerned about spelling (if you can't pronounce the word, you can't spell it!) but she didn't put that on his IEP as of right now because spelling isn't a kindergarten objective. Just something for us to keep an eye on. She thinks he'll do very well in kindergarten and just kept telling me that my concerns are just my "mama bear" coming out and for me to focus on how far he's come, not how far he has to go.
Andrew is now fully walking! It's only taken 16 months and 3 months of physical therapy, but he's now walking! And now that he's walking he screams absolutely bloody murder if you try to carry him! And forget about putting him in his carseat! Oh he HATES being in his carseat now! It seems now that he's mobile he wants absolutely nothing to do with being caged in! Lemme see if I can remember how to post a few pics before I sign off of here!
Me tonight....bored

The three older boys Easter Sunday heading to church with Grandma (mother in law)

Andrew Easter sunday outside running around at Grandma's (mother in law's)

yay! It worked :) Wow the pics are HUGE!! Sorry!