Sunday, March 28, 2010

A lesson to always use the strap!

So this morning I was on the computer, doing my usual first thing in the morning things.  The boys were in the toy room playing on the Wii.  As I was checking emails I hear this loud "BOOM" then my oldest son let out this scream.

Of course I jump up and went running into the toy room.  All I was hearing was "I didn't mean it!" "Daddy is going to spank my butt so hard" and "It was an accident! I promise!"

I turn around in the toy room and saw .........

*gasp* *dies*

Yep that would be the wall mounted flat screen TV in the toy room!

The boys were playing Wii and Aidan wasn't using the remote "strap" and when he threw the ball "bowling" he somehow let go of the remote and it went flying straight into the TV!

I thought my husband was going to flip a lid.  He knew it was an accident though, so there wasn't to much punishment.  But omg!  Now we'll have to somehow replace that TV.

Let this be a lesson to always use the wrist strap with the wii remotes!!

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VKT said...

Wow! Bless your son's heart. I'll bet that really scared him when it happened!

PJ said...

A lesson well learned, Huh? Poor little one. I'll bet the wait and wondering what dad was going to do was punishment enough. I bet he remembers to use the strap from now on.

God Bless!