Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Preschool Dilemma

I've been really spending a lot of time thinking about the whole preschool thing for Avery.  After he phased out of Early Intervention we were forced to get the evaluations through the school system for therapy for him.  That's where the 4 hours of evaluations came in.  They've been testing his expressive and receptive language and giving him an educational assessment along with an Occupational therapy valuation and Physical therapy evaluation.  During all these tests and evaluations I've been thinking a LOT.

Is the developmental delay preschool right for him?
Should I put him in a "typical" regular preschool?
Should I look into a specialized language preschool for him?

One of the big reasons for this huge dilemma is the fact that I believe he's just as smart as a normal 3 year old.  I think intelligence wise regular preschool is the way to go.  It's the Apraxia that is holding him back.  But just because he can't communicate should we put him in a "slower" class?  Isn't that doing a disservice to him?  I want him to be just as challenged as any regular 3 year old. I don't feel like he should be held back because of his communication.

My fear though is putting him in a regular preschool will do him harm though too.  I'm afraid that if he isn't understood and isn't vocal with the teachers they will just push him aside and forget about him and let him just fall through the cracks.

But putting him in the developmental delayed preschool will expose him to children that are worse developmentally then him and hinder him instead of help him.  And what if the class doesn't challenge him enough and he ends up being bored and acting out?

I'm probably really over thinking it right?!  But I can't help it.  I don't know the right decision to make and I want to make the right decision.

Is there a right decision?

I asked my husband tonight "at what point during his IEP meeting do I say, "you know what, you can give him therapy but he isn't going to go to the preschool" or at what point do I say that the preschool is what he needs?"  The only response I got from him was "just do what you feel is right."  That's just it. I don't KNOW what is right!

Can I have someone make the decision for me?  It would really be so much easier.

And then maybe I wouldn't be sitting here thinking about it over and over, wondering if I'll ever make a decision and if that decision will be the right one.

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