Friday, March 26, 2010

Letters of Intent!


Linking up with Julie again over at Foursons for this Friday's edition of Letters of Intent! Go check out more "letters of intent" by clicking the picture!

Dear 8 year old son,
I do not understand this whole getting up at 5am thing.  Sometimes you're up as early as 4:30am! This is insane.  Surely you must realize this. It also doesn't make for a very nice day for us.  By the time you get home from school you are a complete and total terror.  You spent 2 hours last night after dinner crying because it was to late for you to go to a friends house.  Towards the end of your tantrum you just kept repeating "I'm just so tired."  If you didn't get up at that god awful time in the morning you wouldn't be!  Why you feel the need to not close your eyes again once you wake up and go back to sleep is beyond me.  For the sake of my health and your life you may want to rethink this though.

Your loving mother

Dear warmer weather,

Could you please come back and grace us with your presence?  It was very rude of you to show yourself for almost a week and get everyone all excited and then disappear.  I brought out all the spring/summer clothes and everything!  Do you know how hard it to tell tell your kids they can wear shorts for a few days then tell them they must go back to jeans and long sleeves?!  Yeah, isn't very pleasant.  I realize it's only the end of March, but once you show up, you really shouldn't go away.  Mean!  Just plain mean!

Warm weather loving person.

Dear Junk Food

Why must you taste so good?  Please make yourself disgusting. 

Lady who is trying desperately not to eat you


Foursons said...

Wow, I wonder why your son is doing that? Does he have a clock in his room? If not, would it help to put one in there so he knows when it is to early to get out of bed?

I hear ya' on the warmer weather. Mother Nature is playing dirty, dirty tricks this year.

And junk food. I think they call my name from the pantry. Rotten jerks.

Thanks for linking up again and good luck with your son!

WolfeFamily said...

junk food is evil. ESPECIALLY cookies, they are my weakenss!

Big Mama Cass said...

Ouch! That is crazy early!! How the heck does he do it!??!

Warm weather <---I want!

I am so going to write that same letter to junk food!

Aunt Crazy said...

OH MY! I like the clock idea, tell him he can't leave the bed until it says such and such time! Maybe he'll fall back to sleep???

Junk food...UGH, my nemesis!

julie said...

Well, I can't sympathize with the getting up early... But I sure can about the weather and the junk food! There's a group of ladies that I meet with every Friday, and somebody always brings yummy (and usually unhealthy) snacks. This morning I SWORE to myself that I would NOT EAT whatever the snack of the day happened to be... and then in came a box of fresh, still warm Krispy Kreme doughnuts. I should probably consider it a victory that I only ate one.

the Spocks said...

We leave Rachel in her room if she decides to wake up that early. Sometimes she falls back asleep.

I would hide too but my kid would find me. Love your letter. Visiting from Foursons.