Monday, March 15, 2010

Maybe I should start dressing my 8 year old!

Today my two older boys had dental appts.  My Oldest, Aidan was getting sealants put on his molars, and my middle son Austin was getting two little spots that are missing the enamel fixed.  Because of this dental appt they didn't go to school at their usual time this morning.

When we got to the dentist, we climbed out of the car and as we walked into the office building I noticed something that made me take a double take.  My oldest son was walking in front of me and in a quick look I saw that I could see his entire socks.  Not only could I see his socks, but I could see part of his legs above his socks.  It took a second for me to realize that he was wearing Austin's pants!!  I said to him "Aidan why are you in Austin's pants?" and he responded "They fit."  I said "They may fit, but the come halfway up your calfs!"  He shrugged his shoulders and I was kicking myself for not looking at him earlier before we left the house.  I mean do I REALLY need to help my 8 year old son get dressed??  Just as we were sitting in the dentists waiting room and I was saying to myself "I can NOT let him go to school like that! I'm going to have to take him home for him to change his pants." I noticed something else.

Do you see that??  Those are the shoes he decided to wear with those 3 sizes to small pants!  What in the world is wrong with my kid?!?! LOL  Now I just wanted to melt into the floor.  How embarrassing! People are going to think we're so poor we can't afford shoes or pants for him!  Gah!  I said to him "OMG Aidan what in the world are you wearing on your feet?"  His response (with a big smile) "My shoes."  I said "I can't believe you would wear those shoes out in public!  Your toes are completely out of the front of them!"  He shrugged and said "they're comfortable."  Sometimes I really wonder what my boys are thinking!

They did really well at the dentist and both boys got their work done with no issues whatsoever.  When we left the dentist I ran by the McDonalds to get the boys some lunch before taking them to school.  After getting them some lunch we ran by the house so Aidan could change his pants AND shoes!  And those shoes went right in the trash when I got home too!  While we were in here with Aidan changing the phone rang.  The lady said she was from the "Safe to School" line at the boys elementary school and she wanted to make sure I knew that Aidan and Austin were absent today and wanted to see if they were sick.  I told her "actually they are on their way to school right now! They had dental appts today."  She laughed and said she was glad to hear they weren't sick and I thanked her for calling to check in on them.

The older boys are now at school and I'm eating some subway before heading out to buy Aidan another pair of shoes so he has a spare.

*shakes head*   Crazy kids!


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