Saturday, March 27, 2010

Mama says No!

That is my youngest sons favorite saying.  Whenever he doesn't want to do something, or whenever you ask him to do something he'll say "Mama says No!"  My husband looked at me the other day and said "You really need to stop saying no!" LOL

I bring this up because my mother in law was just on the phone with my kids and on her turn talking to Avery they were talking about using the potty. This was their conversation:

MIL: "Are you using the potty yet?"
Avery: "Mama says No!"
MIL: "Mama says you can't use the potty?"
Avery: "yeah!"
MIL: "are you fibbing?"
Avery: (more forceful this time) "Mama says NO!"
MIL: "I don't think mama says you can't use the potty"
Avery: "yeah!"

I was laughing so hard!  Can you believe he's blaming me for him not using the potty?  LOL!  I told Avery to tell her how he has a potty.  He then proceeded to take the phone into his room and said "Potty see" and then put the phone in front of the potty! LOL  I told her he was showing her his potty through the phone.  He then said "Mama hold phone, I pee" and handed me the phone and sat on the potty.  I said "you have to take your diaper off first!"  He said "nooo!"  I said "well then all you're doing is peeing in your diaper!" He said "mama said no!" I said "I did not say no, I said yes!"  He repeated "Mama said no!"


I don't think this boy will ever use the potty!   Especially if mama keeps saying no! LOL

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VKT said...


This post is so precious. I can just picture your little one saying "Momma says no!" My daughter got in trouble once for saying that...but she was in her teens. A friend wanted her to do something and she blamed not doing it on me. The problem is, she never told me so when her friend called, I problem. lol