Thursday, June 10, 2010

Can't wait for vacation!

So my last post was a blog I wrote a few years ago.  If you haven't read it yet go back now and read it!

Summertime Scary Days

So since that incident I've had the boys in swim lessons.  Still to this day Aidan absolutely flips out should he get into water where he can't reach the bottom of the pool. If during swim lessons the instructor wants them to "jump" into the 5 feet and swim back to the wall (with her right there) Aidan flips out.  I'm talking full fledged crying and begging me not to make him do it.  Saying he's scared. Saying he's going to drown etc etc.

He doesn't want to take swim lessons anymore.  I've told Roy that is absolutely out of the question.  He NEEDS them.  He HAS TO take them.  No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

The outdoor pools around here have a section on the deck with life jackets for non swimmers.  Aidan will not go in the water without a life jacket on.  I've told him he'll never learn to swim if he is always wearing a life jacket.  He doesn't care.  It's very inconvienant because if your child has a life jacket on then an adult must be "within arms reach".  Difficult when I have 3 kids wearing life jackets!

So anyways, this summer we've decided our vacation is going to be to Great Wolf Lodge.

We've never been before and I've always heard just such awesome great things about it.  I'm so excited to go and think the boys will have so much fun.  But it's a huge waterpark!

Do you see where my dilemma is??

I called Great Wolf Lodge and was told that life jackets can be worn both in the waterpark AND on ALL of the rides.  Awesome!  Great!  Aidan (and Austin) will be so happy.

At the same time again I say to myself "he's never going to learn to swim if he's able to wear a life jacket all the time!"  But I know that at least with a life jacket on he'll ride the rides and have fun. It's such a dilemma though!

At first I was thinking of that saying "get right back on the horse."  Figuring if I got him in swim lessons and took him to the pool he'd learn to swim, and get over his fear after the incident.  Now I'm thinking, "what if he is like this forever?!"


Any Advice?  Thoughts?


MommyLovesStilettos said...

Just this past weekend Katelyn swam in the deep end at Danny's dad's house without water wings. I was so proud of her but now I know I'm gonna be freaking out everytime shes in the pool. LOL

Carrie said...

I really hate to admit this but I'm 34 years old and perfectly able to swim. Yet I still panic and hyperventilate if I can't see the bottom! I'm pretty sure I won't grow out of it, lol
BTW, followed Michelle over here and now I am following you too!