Friday, July 16, 2010

Repeating a story

Today while Avery had speech therapy the therapist was asking him about our vacation and what we've done in the 2 weeks since he's been seen last (We were on vacation one week, she was on vacation the next). 

As soon as she asked him I knew what was about to happen...

I always semi dread someone asking Avery a question or asks him to tell them what he did/is going to do this weekend or whatever.  Avery has no problem talking most people's ears off.  The problem comes from him having Apraxia.  With 2-3 word sentences he's 40% intelligible.  But when he goes off gabbing your ear off or is telling you a story it's a completely different story.  Unless you are listening VERY carefully and know his speaking patterns/substitutions you aren't going to understand a single thing he says.  You may catch a word or two here and there, but I always end up getting a "huh?" look with a "what did he say?"

So the minute she asked him to tell her what we did on vacation I knew what was about to happen.  I was about to have to repeat everything he said after he said it.  When we got done telling her all about our Great Wolf Lodge vacation and all about our Day on the Water, she looked at Avery and said "That is so awesome! Lets go work on some of those sounds so you can tell me the story even better!"

He went off to do his hour of speech therapy and I sat there wondering just how long I was going to have to repeat a story.  He's made SO much progress, but we still have such a long way to go.

To read more about Apraxia you can click HERE.

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