Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Baby Shopping!


Linking up for The Happiness Project again!  Click the picture Above to see other things that make people happy!!

So last week we did some baby shopping!  That always makes me happy :)  I mean who doesn't get happy doing some retail therapy?!  And when it's cute baby stuff????  Even better!

This is what we bought!

Pack and Play

Bedding Set

Infant Seat

Travel system.  (I got the sit and stand because when we got places I just know Avery isn't going to want to walk all the time, especially when he sees the baby in a stroller.  So I thought this was our best option :)



Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Beautiful baby stuff. My kids loved the sit and stand stroller too.

Dee Crowe said...

Nice haul!

MommyLovesStilettos said...

ohhh fun!!! :)

Sarah said...

I always loved shopping for baby stuff! Love the bedding set colors.

Jessica said...

love the colors!! Its so much fun. :) I am hoping the clothes I ordered last week come in today :)