Thursday, July 15, 2010

2nd Annual Apraxia Walk!

As most of you know, my youngest son Avery was diagnosed with Childhood Apraxia of Speech back in October of last year.

Childhood Apraxia of Speech is a motor speech disorder. For reasons not yet fully understood, children with apraxia of speech have great difficulty planning and producing the precise, highly refined and specific series of movements of the tongue, lips, jaw and palate that are necessary for intelligible speech.

Children with Apraxia of speech require frequent intensive speech therapy. Avery has been seeing a private speech therapist for almost a year now. He also receives speech therapy through the special education preschool program he attends and gets therapy there 3 times a week. When he started therapy he had the expressive language of a 12 month old! Avery is now 40% intelligible with 2-3 word sentances. This progress is do to hard work and dedication.

Avery also receives Occupational therapy at school for sensory and motor planning issues. He's also making progress in these areas!

Last year we participated in the Baltimore Area Apraxia Walk, which helps raise money for these areas:

•Ongoing funding for the Apraxia Treatment Research Fund - Very little research exists on appropriate and best treatment for children with apraxia of speech. CASANA funds pilot research grants so that researchers can begin studies to best help children as early as possible.

•Apraxia Child Research Registry- A new program, CASANA is establishing an online searchable database research registry so that researchers are able to identify children for participation in qualified research projects to further understanding about the causes and nature of CAS. In particular we will seek children with known genetic, metabolic, or neuroanatomical findings. As interest in CAS research heightens based on the growing availability of advanced genetic and imaging technology, CASANA will be on the forefront of research support.

•Multimedia Education Projects - CASANA is using walk funds to create educational DVDs and products to further teach parents and professionals about childhood apraxia of speech.

•Training for future SLPs - Most who graduate from a Master's program in Speech-Language Pathology have had minimal if any exposure to childhood apraxia of speech, its assessment, or its treatment. This is part of an isidious problem which leads to unprepared professionals. Walk funds are being used to create more opportunities for students and practicing SLPS so that our children with apraxia receive the best possible treatment.

This year we are co-coordinating the 2nd annual Baltimore Area Walk for Children with Apraxia of speech.

The walk will be taking place soon and I'm looking for people to help support us in our walk by making a FULLY TAX DEDUCTIBLE donation to our Team (Avery's Army) or by joining us and walking with us during the walk!

Any amount you can give would be SO appreciated and would help us on our journey to helping Avery learn to speak. Please look into your hearts (and wallets) and support Avery in his struggle to speak!

You can go to the website below to make your contribution.



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