Thursday, April 22, 2010

What a Day!

Today has been a whirlwind!!  It all started at 1:58am, and yes I know it was "1:58 am" exactly because I've only been told 10 times today "I woke you up at 1:58am."  Anyways.  It started at 1:58am when my oldest son Aidan came in my bedroom.

"moooooooooom" (that's a whine mind you)
"What is it Aidan?"
"My bellllly huuurrrtts"
"Ok" I said as I somehow managed to stumble my way out of the bed.  I took him to the kitchen and got him a drink.  He gulped it down.  We started walking back to the bedrooms.
"Can you sleep with me mom?"
"yeah, lets go to your bed."  I said just wanting to go back to bed.

I got into Aidan's bed and put my arm around his belly.  He must have woken up another 4-6 times between then and when Roy left for work at 5am.  When Roy left for work I had Aidan climb into our bed and we fell back to sleep.  At 7:30 I woke up to Austin asking if he could have breakfast.  From 7:30 until 9am when we usually leave to take the boys to school Aidan stayed in bed and just moaned.  Obviously he wasn't going to school today.  I was still on the fence about whether he was faking it though.  Once we took Austin to school I casually mentioned how he had karate after school and if he wasn't in school he couldn't go to karate.  Around 10:30am he said "maybe I'll go to school after lunch."  Ah ha!  If he's well enough to go to school after lunch he was probably faking it right?!  While I fed him lunch he whined how he felt like he was going to throw up.  He cried that his belly still hurt.  I said "well then you aren't going to school if your belly still hurts!"  And hey if he was willing to miss karate he was obviously NOT faking it!

I dragged him along to a doctors appt with me, and then we came back home.  My husband came home from work at 12pm so he could watch Aidan and Avery while I went to Avery's IEP meeting.  (I'll write about that in another entry!)

When I got back from the IEP meeting, I was informed that Aidan was now running a fever.  I called the pediatrician and they said they couldn't squeeze him in today, and told me to take him to the Nighttime Pediatrics.  I called them and made an appt for 4:20pm.

I took off out of here to take him to the appt and sent hubby to pick up Austin from Karate.  When we got to the urgent care it only took a few minutes for us to be called into the back.  The nurse came in and Aidan was running a 101 fever.  She immediately gave him a dose of motrin.  The doctor came in and checked Aidan out, and said "I want to run a strep test on him."

"really?  But he's not complaining about his throat."
"yeah, but I think it's a good idea to run a rapid strep test on him. If it's negative then I'll check into other things."

They did the swab on Aidan while he gagged and cried.  A few minutes later the doctor came back in the room "His rapid test is positive"  I was in SHOCK!  He never once said his throat hurt, and when the doctor asked if his throat hurt he said no.  She told me that step can sometimes cause belly pain in kids.  They told me they could fill his antibiotic there at the office but didn't have enough for the full script so they could give him 5 days and then we'd have to go back to the regular pediatrician to get a script for the other 5 days.  Umm why would I do that?  Just give me the script and I'll go get the FULL thing filled at the pharmacy.  We got the script and were on our way.

I went home and picked up some money to go get his prescription filled.  When I got to the pharmacy it was an hour and 10 min wait!!!  I dropped the script off and went back home.  We then Ate dinner and I ran back up to the store to pick up the medicine.  The one bright spot to my day?!  Giant is still (or maybe now always does) running a free antibiotics promotion.  So his medicine didn't cost me a dime!  Woot!

Of course he still has to be home tomorrow, so I got a doctors note for that.  Avery has speech tomorrow too, so I guess I'll have to drag Aidan along with me.  Austin will go to school like normal.  He looked so pitiful getting out of the car and walking into the school by himself today.

Hopefully Aidan is feeling better by tomorrow night cause I really could use a full night of sleep!

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crisc23 said...

Sorry the kiddo isnt feeling well. We just took my son to Urgent Care 2 days ago b/c his fever was 103.6 they waited for it to go down some, sent him home, and it came back.