Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring Break!

Wow I've really been slacking on the blog lately huh?!  Sorry guys, I just haven't been in the mood to write I guess!

This week is Spring Break for my boys.  They are spending the break with my mother in law though.  We took them up for Easter and she'll bring them back on Sunday at some point.  They've been begging to go to her house and ever since she retired and moved 4 hours away, they haven't seen much of her.  We made plans for them to spend spring break and they were totally excited to do so.

As you saw in the last entry we had a pretty nice Easter at the in laws.  On Sunday evening hubby and I came home with our youngest son.  He came so close to staying there also, and part of me wishes he had, but I also didn't want him to miss therapy this week so I'm glad he came back.  When we got him in the car and he saw his brothers were staying he started sobbing.  these heartbreaking sobs.  Big crocodile tears started rolling down his cheeks and he just kept sobbing "Mama No!" "Mama No!"  It broke my heart.  We asked him if he wanted to stay with grandma and brothers and he said "uh huh"  I explained to him (the best you can to a 3 year old) that if he stayed with them he would have to stay until grandma brought him home.  I told him mommy was going to go home and that I wasn't going to be staying there.  He got out of the car and I got out also and started giving my mother in law his clothes to keep there.  I don't know what Avery did but my father in law yelled at him.  I heard him say "No! Stop that!" and suddenly Avery started screaming.  That was all it took for Avery to climb back in the car and no longer want to stay there.

I got the clothes back from my mother in law and we drove away.  We got down the road and Avery fell asleep.  He woke up about an hour and a half into the ride and we stopped at the gas station and I took him inside to get a drink.  We still had 2 hours left till we got home, but luckily he only slept that first hour and a half.

I'm trying to think of things to do with him while the boys are gone this week.  Thought about taking him to the nearby petting zoo, or maybe to someplace else that he'd enjoy.  Not quite sure yet though.

I have some more cleaning and stuff to do while the boys are away too.  I'd like to get it completely done before they get back.  Here's to hoping huh?!

Hope everyone else is enjoying spring break with their kiddos or at least enjoying the great weather!


MommyLovesStilettos said...

A petting zoo would be lots of fun :)

VKT said...

Hi Heather,

Does he have some little friends that you could arrange a playdate with? Another idea would be for you to hire a babysitter to come over while you clean and play games with him.

You might also try letting him play with playdough.

Blessings sweet lady!

Anonymous said...

Aww that just broke my heart, poor lil guy !

Did you ever ask the FIL what your son did to make him yell at him ?

You should enjoy the time with your youngest while the other 2 are gone !

I know I'm responding late to this but I just noticed them !!!

Hope you enjoyed the spring break !

Maria Shev said...

Anonymous was me Maria Shev ( hmm dont know why it didnt show up like that ..sorry )