Friday, April 30, 2010

Completely different Friday

***NOTE***  this entry is filled with total mom things.  Liquid poop and sickness and all that.  If you don't want to read about it, click the little X now! LOL

I typically link up for Letters of Intent and for Friday Follow on Fridays.  Today I'm not doing either of those.  Why you ask?!

I woke up this morning to an explosion of liquid poop all over the place from my 3 year old.  Going from dead asleep to cleaning up liquid poop is not my idea of a good start to my day!  I figured it was a fluke and after cleaning it up and steam cleaning the carpet in his bedroom, the hallway, the stairs, and his mattress (yes those are all places the poop wound up.)  I got the older boys dressed, fed, and made their lunches.  I got them off to school and came home.  I grabbed a quick breakfast of a bagel and started getting ready to take Avery to speech therapy.

After I got Avery dressed for therapy and started getting myself together I heard Avery coming up the stairs.  As he was climbing the steps I saw his pants were wet!  I asked him what he got into and he just said "wet".  I laid him down to change his pants and immediately knew what was all over his pants.  It was another explosive poop!!  It was everywhere again.  I stripped him down and seriously wiped his whole bottom half down with baby wipes.  I grabbed the steam cleaner and cleaned it up from the dining room carpet and steps again (it was just running down his legs onto the carpet).  After that I knew it wasn't a fluke. I called the speech therapist to cancel our appt for today.  The last thing I needed was to be at therapy and it happen again and go all over their office.

I have cleaned and steam cleaned more this morning, then I have done in the last year total.  I am SO over it! And it's not even noon yet!  So not looking forward to the rest of the day!

I also have been fighting the preschool for the past 24 hours.  See Avery is supposed to start preschool Monday.  The preschool teacher emailed me saying she's trying to qualify Avery for "summer services" and needs his progress reports from the infant and toddler program in order to do so.  I don't have any of those records!  When we moved here from PA back in October I got rid of all of that.  When we moved here they wouldn't put him in the infants and toddler program here in MD because he was to close to his 3rd birthday.  So he went straight into the school system.  I told her I have records from the private therapists he's been seeing and I could bring those.  She told me the school system won't accept private therapy records.


I'm so sick of fighting these people!!!  I ended up calling our old caseworker back in PA and left a message for her.  Hopefully she can send me the records I need without any problems.  According to Avery's private speech therapist the "summer services" aren't worth all this hassle anyway.  She said it's only 4-6 30 minute sessions.  It isn't a whole summer of services.  Totally makes me not want to deal with all of this.

And with all that I'm off to change Avery again and prepare the steam cleaner for another round.  *sigh*


Maria Shev said...

Thats so crazy girl !!! I feel for you thats for sure.

Poor lil thing has the buggies !!! Blech

Not a good start to the morning is correct !

Anyway you can call the old school and have them fax the information he needs, I'm sure they still have records some place

Good luck and sorry you are having such a bad icky day !!!

Huge hugsssssss

Maria Shev ( facebook )

MommyLovesStilettos said...

Oh god poop explosions aren't fun at any time of the day!

VKT said...

Bless his little heart Heather. I hope he feels better soon. I hope you stay on the school system. Your tax money pays for those services and your child deserves them. It makes me angry that you are getting such a runaround. Can you email the office back in PA? Maybe she can fax them to the school system for you. One other thing you can do is go to the supervisor above the person you talked to.

Debbie(single;complicated) said...

how frustrating!! BOTH aspects!!! I had a 10 year old with 'liquid' poop the other day..thankfully I was not the one cleaning it up:) BUT its so sad when your kids are sick! Hope he feeling better!

Evelyn said...

WOW! Not a great start to the day!!!! One of those, let's go back to bed, and start over, but this way instead.....

WolfeFamily said...

ick! bless your heart! Hope now that is monday, things are better

kanishk said...

Good luck and sorry you are having such a bad icky day !!!
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