Friday, April 16, 2010

Letters of Intent Friday!


Linking up with Foursons for Letters of Intent Friday!

Dear Speech Therapist:

You may remember I wrote a "letter of intent" not to long ago HERE to you also!  This week I'm writing because it is very much annoying me that it seems like every other week you are canceling speech therapy for my son!  I got your email the other day stating that you "won't be in the office friday" and I responded to let you know I got your email.  Although instead of saying "thanks for letting me know" what I wanted to say was "again?  It's not very helpful to my son if you "aren't in the office" every other friday!"  I have a feeling a lot more letters of intent will be written to you.

The lady who pays you a LOT of money and expects you to work more than twice a month!

Dear my two older boys:

I'm glad you liked your first karate lesson yesterday.  You guys have been wanting to take karate for a while now and I'm glad they offer it after school at a reasonable price.  Is a coincidence that an hour after getting home from karate your little brother had a bloody lip?!  I think not!  I've told you a million times that you are not to be using the karate you learn against each other.  If I have more blood to clean up anytime soon you may just see MY karate chop!

Your loving mother who can kick a lot harder than you!

Dear 3 year old:

Honey, baby powder is not supposed to be dumped all over the room.  Nor it is supposed to be eaten.  I agree that baby powder smells really good, but I have a feeling my vacuum is going to be blowing baby powder smoke for a month!

Love the lady who now needs another bottle of baby powder.


WolfeFamily said...

loved the letters!

mommy2chazz said...

What a creative post!
I can't believe that therapist. I would be just as mad.
And good luck with the baby powder!

Jennifer M said...

Our speech therapist keeps trying to convince me of things that I know never happened. Also, I guess I'm lucky my daughter hasn't figured out how to open the baby powder yet. Happy Friday Follow.

Beth said...

Cute letters! I had a friend years ago whose baby smeared vaseline all over the walls and THEN exploded the baby powder! Oooh boy!

Just popping in from LoI. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Foursons said...

That speech therapist is a piece of work. How much effort on your part would it take to find another therapist?

My boys would be doing the same thing with karate. Maybe you should talk to their instructor. I'm sure he'd put a stop to that behavior. :)

Baby powder clouds. Hahahahaha

Thanks for linking up!