Saturday, April 10, 2010

Cleaning Bathrooms

So today I decided I had to get the bathrooms cleaned!  I usually do my bathrooms twice a week.  Hey, what can I say they get really really dirty considering I have 4 guys in the house who can't seem to aim!!

I once saw a sign and I really should have picked it up when I saw it cause I haven't seen it again.  It said "My aim is to keep the bathroom clean...your aim would help!"  That sign so belongs in my bathrooms!

I mean seriously!  How hard can it be to actually pee without it going all over the front of the toilet and around the sides?!  I've told my husband "I swear, when you pee you don't even look where you are peeing, you just swing it around until you hit water."  He said I was right!!  Yes, I'm dead serious.  He said in the middle of the night when he gets up to pee he said he starts peeing and if he doesn't hit water he moves to the right a little bit until he hears it hit water.

Gross!  He should totally have to clean the bathrooms!

Add in the fact that I have 3 little boys in the house, and the bathrooms can get really nasty!

I wish I could hire a maid to clean just the bathrooms.  Ok, and maybe do the dishes, make the beds, wash the floors.  *sigh*  My list could go on and on ;)

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WolfeFamily said...

yuck! i would totally make a chart and rotate what boy cleans the bathroom. Scrubbing bubbles makes a antibacterial wipe that is flushable. You could always leave those in the bathroom and "hope" they would use them

veterankindergartenteacher said...


This post brings back memories of "the talk" my team teacher had with the boys in our We needed you to lay down the law to them because things haven't changed much in their bathroom habits! I always have to look before I sit in there....ewwwwwwwwww! I hope you are having a terrific week-end my blogging bud!

Maria Shev said...

Haha I sooo totally agree, coupled with the pee, its the hairspray and make up all of the floor that comes from my 17 year old !!! Gahhhhh

Shoot me, its nasty, well I guess the princess got tired of looking at the dirty floor, she cleaned the whole bathroom herself.

Sometimes I just let it go and go and go until someone else decides to clean it,

Who decided cleaning the bathrooms was just mom's jobs !!!

MommyLovesStilettos said...

I did that yesterday!!!! Cole makes SUCH a mess. I'm writing a post up right now all about it actually. LOL

amy hawthorne said...

haha my mom has this sign in her bathroom too. glad its just us girls in my house.