Friday, April 16, 2010

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I hope everyone has had a pretty good week!  If you're here from Friday Follow Welcome! Get yourself a cup of coffee and enjoy catching up!  While you're here enter my Scentsy Giveaway a few entries back!  It closes tonight!!

My boys started Karate yesterday after school. It was their first time ever taking Karate and they were so excited. After karate was done I picked them up and we came home. I was upstairs putting groceries away, and they were downstairs playing. Next thing you know Avery (my youngest) was coming upstairs and he had blood all over his face!! I found the blood coming from his lip. Coincidence that they take karate for the first time after school and that evening the 3 year old has a bloody lip?! I think not!!

Of course "not me" and "I dunno" did it. I eventually found out that my 6 year old was "showing Avery some karate kicks" when it happened. I guess he was showing them to his mouth!

Last night we booked our "family vacation". I can't wait!! The boys don't have any clue but I know they'll be so excited. We'll be going to Great Wolf Lodge in VA at the end of June!  We've never been there, but I've heard AWESOME things about it.

Uh oh...seems the 3 year old has coated himself in baby powder!! Guess that's my cue to end this!


tara said...

i've heard great things about great wolf lodge, too. (i'm jealous!)

i'm your newest follower! :)

MommyLovesStilettos said...

I so want to take a family vacation. This year it probably won't happen cause of Danny's work. :( But next year we want to take them to Disneyland :)

WolfeFamily said...

sounds like a nice VACA. That should be fun.

hope you get some more baby powder soon (laughing b/c it is kinda funny :) )

~Shelley~ said...

Visiting from Friday Follow! I'm your newest follower :) Love for you to come visit and follow me!

Have a wonderful weekend!
Shelley @ Shelley's Swag

Kerri said...

new follower! :)

hope u will check out my blog

have a good weekend!

joeandbridge said...

Hi! Poppin' in from Friday Follow to be your newest google follower! Hooray! Hope you're having a great weekend! Swing by my blog if you have a chance!

Bridgette Groschen
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