Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Rejection sucks! Plain and simple!

As you all know I've agreed to be a co-coordinator for this years Walk for Apraxia in our area.  This is something so near and dear to my heart because of my youngest son suffering from this disorder.  In being a co-coordinator one of my responsibilities is to contact businesses, shops, etc and get donations from them.  Things like gift cards from Costco, Sams Club, Giant, etc etc to cover the cost of food, drinks, etc that will be served there.  Local businesses willing to give giftcards or gift baskets to donate to a raffle we'll hold at the walk.  Everything we do at the walk or plan at the walk has to be donated by someone.  Of course these places that donate money are given a donation form so they can claim it as a tax deduction.

We'll be holding a "fundraiser night" at a local pizza hut where a portion of the proceeds will go to the walk.  Of course the catch is we have to sell $200.00 worth of pizza that night in order to get any portion of the proceeds.

Another thing I'm in charge of is trying to find some "entertainment" for the walk.  I've been contacting local clowns, magicians, face painters, etc trying to see if they would be willing to donate (of course) their time and do a show at our walk.

I have received more rejection these past few weeks then I've ever gotten in my entire life. I'm getting emails left and right "sorry but my policy is not to do charity events." and "our company has already met it's maximum allowable donations for this year."  "I won't donate, but I'll reduce my price by $50.00."

No matter what the circumstances we all know rejection sucks.  Plain and Simple.  I was told I would get a lot of rejections when I agreed to take this on.  I didn't expect it to effect my self esteem so much though!

I mean I completely understand that if I had my own business I'd never make any money if all I did was charity work, and donated my time all the time to shows.  But the other part of me says "what's an hour of your time to entertain some children who struggle enough as it is?" Is there no one out there that does charity work anymore?

I pay thousands of dollars a year on therapy for my son.  Would it really kill some of these business owners to donate a $25 dollar gift card to help us?  Would it kill someone to say "that's a good cause and I'd love to help out."

Or I could just keep repeating.....

"A rejection is nothing more than a necessary step in the pursuit of success." - Bo Bennett

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Debbie(single;complicated) said...

ugh! thats so hard!! I hope you find some buisness's willing to help!!!!!

MommyLovesStilettos said...

*big hugs*

kc said...

You taking that on is awesome!!

Not sure where you live, but as someone who has done this before if you need stuff for a raffle, sports teams are a great resource...they would give tickets for that without a second thought not to mention memorabilia that they have hanging around. And, you can sometimes even get one of the athletes to show up.

Good luck and God bless for doin it!!!!!