Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Miss me?!

I can't believe it's been a week since I've posted!   Things have just been SO hectic around here!  The older boys are home and having all 3 kids home now all day is definitely keeping me on my toes!  I realize just how spoiled I was this summer with my mother in law having the 2 older boys.  I wasn't able to sit down at all yesterday, which made for a very uncomfortable evening.  I can't believe how uncomfortable I already am so early in this pregnancy!  My back is absolutely killing me by the end of the night if I can't get enough "sit down" time during the day.  Having 3 boys I'm having to chase all day everyday isn't making it easy to get my "sit down time" either!

I've been fighting for the past 2 weeks now to find Avery (my youngest son) a new speech therapist and get him some private occupational therapy also.  After everything I've been through with his speech therapist he has now I decided it's time to try something/someone new.  I found a place that sounds really nice and looks nice online.  I called and was told they would verify insurance and get back to me.  I then emailed the lady every 2-3 days for updates and was told "we're still in the process of verifying insurance I'll let you know ASAP when I hear something.  Again I'd email in 2-3 days.  I can fully admit I'm not a very patient person when it comes to this kind of stuff! LOL

I finally got a phone call yesterday that the insurance has gone through and they wanted to schedule a time for Avery's Evaluations. I was so so pleased and tomorrow morning we'll be going in for a speech evaluation at this place.  Here's to hoping it's as nice as it sounds/looks!  Now I have the job of telling his old speech therapist that we'll be going elsewhere for therapy.  Not looking forward to that either!

The older boys have their "meet the teacher" night this friday at their school, and Avery has his "meet the teacher" on the 31st.  The older boys go back to school Monday and Avery starts back on September 1st.

Here's to hoping once everyone is back in school I'll have more time to keep up with blogging!!  Until then I hope you don't miss me to much!

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