Friday, May 7, 2010

What a week!

Wow I can't believe the last time I blogged was Monday!  It has been quite a week around here.  As everyone knows it seems Avery and Austin came down with some kind of virus last weekend.  By Monday I had taken Avery into the doctors about it.  They decided to do a stool culture and test for Salmonella and Rotavirus plus other bacteria.  Tuesday I took Austin to the doctor.  I figured if they were testing Avery for these things, they may wanna test Austin too since they had the same symptoms.

I was told to keep them home till Thursday.  Just great Monday was Avery's first day of preschool and then Tuesday he was home sick.

So let's go over this again.  The complete total liquid explosive poops started friday morning.  Now here it was Wednesday and I was still cleaning up this nasty liquid poop all day long.  I was thankful that Austin was making it to the toilet, but when Austin would throw up he only made it to the toilet once.

I called the doctor Wednesday afternoon to see if they had Avery's results in yet and was told they didn't.  Thursday morning I sent all 3 kids off to school.  I told my sister "really, what are the chances that in the 2 hours he's at preschool that he'll have an explosive poop?"  While the kids were at school I bleached Avery's mattress and steam cleaned the carpet with clorox 2.  I started spraying the carpet with Lysol and I bleached the bathrooms.  I got a phone call from the doctors that morning saying all of Avery's cultures came back negative.  I told the doctor I was completely baffled.  Why were they still having liquid poops and throwing up if everything is negative?!  It has been almost a week now!  Even the doctor agreed that most stomach virus's last 24, 48 at the very most 72 hours.  This has gone on WAY beyond that!

I went to pick up Avery from school and out he walked with his spare clothes on.  His teacher informed me that he had a "bad diarrhea" diaper.  She said he freaked out and it took her a while to get him to let her change him.  She said she ended up just taking him into the bathroom and kind of spraying him down with some water and a cloth.  She told me he would need to be cleaned better and that he "probably needs a bath".  She went on to tell me "maybe he shouldn't come back tomorrow in case it happens again, because I won't be here to change him."

What are the chances of him having one in the 2 hours he was in school?  Obviously with my luck, very good.

Spoke with the doctor again and was told if it was still going on Monday to bring him back in.

Austin was fine at school Thursday and had a normal poop Thursday night.  Obviously Austin was on the upswing!

Yesterday morning we find out someone had hacked into my paypal account and charged 320.00 worth of gaming site "coins" to my check card.  They bought playfish "cash" and pogo games and stupid things like that.  I then went to sign into my email and found they had hacked my email too and changed my password!!  It wasn't very hard since paypal has my email and the passwords were the same.  I immediately emailed playfish and pogo stating that I had never made those purchases and that I wanted them reversed.  Also went and put in unauthorized charges disputes with paypal for each transaction.  Then immediately called the bank.  Bank said they couldn't do anything until Paypal decided what they were going to do.  Got an email yesterday afternoon from paypal saying they agreed in our favor and that the money would be refunded in 2-3 business days.  Called the bank again (since I was charged an NSF fee for one of the transactions) and was told they won't reverse the charges till Paypal deposits the money.

Changed all my passwords and security questions and took my check card off my paypal account.

Kept Avery home from school today and sent the other two boys off to school.  Exterminator came today and I spent the day cleaning and disinfecting again.  Avery hasn't had another diarrhea diaper since school yesterday.  Could we be over this thing??  Could it have actually been a virus that lasted this long?  Or maybe something else that they just are getting over now and the doctors couldn't find?

Wow!  What a week!!


addicted2shius said...

Sorry your little ones got that weird bug that's going around. I saw a few other posts mentioning the same thing. Hope they're feeling better!

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