Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Broken Laptop means a Broken Blog!

So I wrote my last entry on Friday May 7th.  I went to bed that night and left hubby downstairs on my laptop.  When I woke up Saturday morning, the older two boys had been awake for a little bit already.  I sat myself down on the couch and was about to open the laptop to check on all my comments, emails etc.  I opened my laptop and .... nothing.

The screen was bright white, but nothing was happening!  ACK!  I tried restarting the computer.  Same thing, just a bright white screen.  I did everything I could think of and nothing helped!  I woke up my husband and said "Since you were the last one on my laptop, YOU are the one that broke it! You get up right now and go fix my laptop!!"  He tried the "I wasn't the last one on it." bit with me.  Umm excuse me?!  Went I went to bed he was on it!  After a minute he came downstairs and said I was right, he was the last one on it, but maybe the kids were on it this morning.  Very possible, but who knows.

He tried a few different things and it still didn't work either!

I started freaking out.  How was I going to survive without my laptop!!  I mean sure I could get online on my iphone, but it's not the same!

And ever since then I've been without my laptop.  Maybe hubby will buy me one for father's day?! LOL

I'm on the kids computer right now, which is SO old and slow and I just hate it!  I need my outlet back!  My laptop is the key to my sanity!

And THAT my friends is the reason for my broken blog :(

Please be paitent with me while I beg borrow and steal for a new laptop! LOL


MommyLovesStilettos said...

Oh man that sucks!!!!!

aLmYbNeNr said...

Oh no! I wonder what happened! Hope you get a new one soon!