Thursday, May 20, 2010


Yesterday I went for my Ultrascreen test for this pregnancy.  This is where they measure the "skin fold" on the back of the baby's neck and it's supposed to tell them (along with a blood sample I sent in a week or so ago) about my risks for this baby to have Down Syndrome, or Trisomy 13 or 18 and other major neurological disorders.

Because of Avery's problems I've been especially nervous this time around.  I've never really been a "worrier" during my pregnancies.  Never really thought about the whole "miscarriage threat" during the first trimester, never really thought about "what if something is wrong with the baby"  Hell I don't even remember ever doing any of these disorder tests with my other boys.  It's just never been something I've thought about.  I guess the whole "It won't happen to me" mentality was there.

I've asked my OB multiple times about things being wrong.  Things that they would never know anyway.  Things that typical pregnancy tests don't test for.  Autism, Apraxia, Sensory problems, etc.  They've made notes upon notes in my chart about my youngest son.  Notes that really don't mean anything I'm sure, since it isn't something they can test for.  They can only test for "Major" problems. They don't consider anything my youngest son has to be "major".

It doesn't matter that I think it's major.  It doesn't matter that I pay thousands of dollars each year for therapy for Avery. They just keep saying "It's not something we can test for."  And I have to accept that.

So yesterday while I was on the way to this test I was so extremely nervous.  I mean if one of my kids can have "minor" neurological problems, why couldn't one have "major" problems right?  Hubby couldn't go with me, and then he really hurt my feelings when I called to let him know I got there and he replied "well don't call me with the results because I'm going to be busy."  That bothered me, I admit it.

I got there an hour early so I texted back and forth with my oldest sister a little bit and kept Avery busy with his Nintendo DS and a book I brought.  When it was time to go up we did.  I filled out all the paperwork and eventually was called back.

My heart was racing a mile a minute.  Avery behaved very well though.  When she put the wand to my belly we immediately saw the baby moving around.  "well the baby is moving so we know there's a heartbeat!" She said.  I gave a thumbs up and a sigh of relief.  Avery and I watched on the TV screen as she went around the baby looking at things "oh look there's the baby's legs!" "aww the baby has it's arm by it's head!" etc.  She took the measurements she needed.  She said the "fold" had to be less than 3mm for there to be a low risk of problems.  The fold measured 3 times at 1.1mm so well below the "danger zone."

After the sonogram she went to check on my blood test results.  When she came back in she said according to just my blood results my risk was 1 in 644. When I gave her a "wow really?" look she responded "well you are getting up there in age!"

What?!?!  Did she just call me OLD?! LOL

She said "when you add in the sonogram results your risk goes from 1 in 644 to 1 in 10,000!"

I know, there's still a chance.  But at least it's a low one.  Now maybe I can stop worrying so much?

Probably not.


Steadfast Ahoy! said...

That's wonderful news. Enjoy your pregnancy, if that is something you can do. Sounds like you are over the first big hump. Keep it up. Rosemary

Anonymous said...

*hugs* I went for my NT Scan yesterday, but I got my bloodwork done just yesterday so it will be some time before I get the results. Worrying about the what ifs is tough.