Monday, February 14, 2011

You know it's bad when...

You know it's bad when you have to read your last entry just to figure out what you have or have not told yet!

So after that last entry two days later Andrew started having another breathing episode. Another one where it scared me that he couldn't breathe. I called the new pediatrician and she told me to bring him right in. I called Roy and told him I needed him on standby incase I couldn't be at the boys' school in time to pick them up and off I went to the doc with Andrew and Avery.

She listened to his lungs again and said he was definitely noisy and having trouble. She said his breathing rate was up again and with the way he was crying she felt it was time to take the next step. She set him up with a breathing treatment right there in the office. She warned me that he would probably hate it and would most likely scream the entire time. We put the mask on him and turned the machine on and he suddenly went calm and still. So calm in fact that he fell asleep! After the treatment was over she told me "that's how you know that he needed the treatment. It helped so much he fell asleep!" She listened to his lungs again and said it was nice and smooth now. She sent me home with a nebulizer, a prescription for Albuterol (enough for 4 months!) and a prescription for prednisone (steriod). Told me to give him a treatment every 4 hours for a couple days, and give him the steriod too.

She called me this morning to check on him and told me that RSV can last up to 6 weeks and even longer in a baby with lung issues to begin with. She said to stop the breathing treatments and now only use them when I felt he needed them.

He seems to be breathing better that's for sure. He's still really congested in his nose though.

Spring's right around the corner right?!

The boys all had their Valentine Parties at school today. I felt bad because I emailed Avery's teacher to see if Parents could come to the party and got a response saying

"well we're going to do valentine's at circle time and IF Willow's mom shows and IF she brings the cookies we'll decorate cookies at 11am."

Well to me it didn't sound like parents were going, so I didn't go up to the school. When I went to pick Avery up I was sitting outside the school saying to myself "wow I can't believe no parents are here yet!" And when the door opened and they started coming out I thought "I'm the only parent here so far still." Until I realized the kids were coming out WITH their parents!!! UGH! I felt HORRIBLE! I couldn't believe I didn't go to Avery's party because I didn't think parents were going and then parents DID go! I'm sure Avery didn't care. I mean he didn't say anything to me, but I knew it ya know?! UGH!

Went this afternoon to the other Elementary School to attend Aidan and Austin's Valentine's Parties. Their parties were from 3-3:45pm. I had Roy come home and watch Avery and Andrew since siblings aren't allowed in their school. Again I felt bad because I had to split the time between both boys. So of course when I went to Aidan's class from Austin's class I got the "where WERE you?!" and vice versa. Only nice thing was I was able to bring the boys home at 3:40 when I left instead of having to wait till 3:55 when they get out, so I beat all the after school traffic.

My boys have 1/2 days wednesday and thursday and no school Friday or Monday so I made plans for us to go to my mother in laws on Thursday after school. I'll drive us up there (since Roy has to work Thursday and Friday) and I'll stay there till Friday afternoon at some point. The 3 older boys will come home Monday at some point. I figure this way she'll get to see Andrew for a little bit since it's been a while since she's seen him. And the 3 older boys will get some time away from having to share the spotlight with Andrew.

We're thinking about moving Aidan into the toy room in the basement. Of course we'd take the toys out of there and everything, but with him turning 9 tomorrow (OMG is he seriously turning 9 tomorrow?!?) we feel like he deserves his own space. Him and Austin have really been fighting like cats and dogs lately and maybe not having to share a room together will help that situation some. It just makes me nervous him being on a different floor than us at night.

Alright it's almost midnight...I'm off to bed.


Kisma said...

You are awesome and busy.

My son suffered from RSV as an infant and its a scary thing, but you will make it though.

Valentines parties... I don't miss those. In fact, when my daughter who is still in grade school brought home here list and party info, I asked her if I "had" to come and she nope... We made valentines together and that was more then enough for her.

I am not big on school parties and trying to one up or out do the other parents. Besides its about the kids.

And happy birthday to your son!

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