Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Austin Entry

Austin had an appt today with an Oral Surgeon. At his dental appt a couple weeks ago the dentist noticed an "extra" adult tooth in the top front of his mouth. This tooth is facing the wrong direction (up towards his brain as opposed to pointing down into his mouth) so this tooth will never come in. Had they not taken an xray of that area (he was having pain up there) they would have never known it was there. So they referred us to an oral surgeon to see when/if it needed to be removed.

We went today and the oral surgeon actually believes looking at the xray that there are TWO extra teeth. What needs to happen though is he'll need to be put completely to sleep for them to take it out as they are in the bone requiring them to cut his upper palate open to get to them and remove them and then stitch his palate back shut. The oral surgeon thinks we should do the procedure sooner rather than later because he's afraid the extra teeth are preventing the adult teeth from coming in. He's also afraid the extra teeth COULD be fused to the adult teeth. If that is the case Austin would have to lose both adult front top teeth.

Not sure what would happen if that is the case. Hoping for best case scenerio right now and just that they go in, take out the extra tooth/teeth, and no issues come up.

We'll go in on March 17th and they will give Austin some nitrous. Then insert an IV to put him to sleep and do the procedure and then he'll be in the recovery room for 30-45 min and then come home. He'll have to miss 2 days of school. I scheduled the appt on a Thursday so that he would be home thursday and friday from school but it would still give him an additional 2 days to recoup. I also got a prescription for pain meds and an antibiotic for him to use after the procedure.

I think I'm more nervous then anything. He's completely and totally excited about it. The oral surgeon told him he will need to miss 2 days of school, eat ice cream and pudding and jello that first day and play video games or watch movies all day. That sold him! LOL

I'm gonna leave him being excited about it, because hopefully that will help the start of the procedure anyway. But I know what kind of pain he's going to be in afterwards (I had all 4 wisdom teeth out and had to be put completely to sleep because they were completely in the bone and not going to come in). So I am NOT looking forward to his recovery. I'm going to ask my MIL to come down and stay that weekend (thurs-sun) because Roy has already said he'd rather not take off work and I NEED someone to get the other boys off to school and stuff when I take him.

Never a dull moment huh?!


Maureen said...

That sounds painful! I am sorry you are dealing with this..Good Luck!
I am your newest follower...please stop by when you have time and say hi

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