Wednesday, November 3, 2010

It was a "no go".

So Monday morning I woke up and got all the boys off to school.  My husband had taken off work that day to be able to attend my son's "pumpkin run" at school and also because of my amnio that afternoon to check on the lung maturity of the baby.  If his lungs were ready we were scheduled to deliver Tuesday afternoon.

After taking the boys to school, hubby and I went to Target and I got 2 new nursing bras and 1 new nursing tank top.  We then went to Costco and got a couple items.  After that we came home and I sat down at the computer and got on facebook.  My Mother in law called then and I was talking to her and all of the sudden I went "OH CRAP!!!!"  My husband came running out of the bedroom and I looked at him and said "Aidan's pumpkin run!!"  I looked at the clock and it said "11:06".  My son's pumpkin run was from 10:45-11:45am.  I don't know why or how but somehow I had COMPLETELY forgotten about it!  We talked about it all weekend, hubby stayed home to go, my son had said to us that morning how excited he was that we were gonna be there and now we had forgotten!  We jumped in the car and I thanked the heavens above that we live literally 2 blocks from the school.  We got to the school and got out of the car JUST in time to see him run by us.  We yelled "Go Aidan!!" and he looked over and smiled and started running as fast as he could.  We walked up the field and saw him cross the finish line.  He came over to us all out of breath and told us he had gotten 116 "points" but didn't know what place he was.  He said over and over "thank you for coming to cheer me on!"  Talk about guilt!!  I was SO upset that I had forgotten.  He then went inside and I looked at my husband and said "Are you serious?? We got here just in time to see him cross the finish line and now I have to walk all the way back to the car?!"

We got back home and I sat back down and called my mother in law back.  My husband left to go to the gym. A little bit later I look at the clock and it said "11:49"  "OH MY GOD!!!"  I have to pick up Avery at 11:50 from preschool!!  What in the world was up with me?!?  I jumped up and took off out of here and thanked the stars above AGAIN that we live SO close to his preschool too!  Got to the preschool and got out of the car as the front doors opened and the teacher walked them out.  Seriously, what else was I gonna forget that day??

Got home and fed Avery some lunch and folded some laundry while talking to my sister on the phone.  My dad showed up at 1:45 to watch Avery and he was also going to pick up my older two boys from school while I was at the amnio. 

 Hubby and I left the house and headed to the hospital for my appt.  When we got there and we were called back my heart was pounding.  I seriously didn't know what to expect and all I could think about was how I wonder what the chances are that his lungs are mature at 36 weeks.  They did an ultrasound first and measured him and guesstimated his weight at 7lbs.  They then decided the best place to "go in" was at the very top of my stomach right under my boobs.  Since the baby is taking up SO much room in my belly this was the one spot where there was a pocket of fluid (between his legs) where they felt they weren't gonna risk him moving and sticking him with the needle.  They covered my belly in iodine, put sterile drapes around my belly and told me "don't touch anything!" At that point there I closed my eyes (I was told not to look at the needle by multiple people who had amnio's before!).  She said "a little pinch" and I felt the pinch of the needle.  That didn't hurt.  I'm used to needles and they don't bother me.  But with an amnio I kind of describe it like an IV.  First the needle goes in, but then they remove the needle and it's a little catheder type straw that is what they suck the fluid out with.  The needle didn't bother me.  When they were pushing the straw threw my belly is when it bothered me.  Not really "painful" but definitely not comfortable.  I could feel myself tensing up and just kept repeating "relax it will hurt less."  30 seconds later the procedure was complete and she showed me the fluid they had taken out.  I was then taken to another room and put on monitors for an hour to make sure I didn't go into labor and the baby tolerated the procedure well.  I was told I'd have results that evening and the nurse said if I didn't hear by 9pm to call the doctor on call.

We went home and I spent the rest of the evening just waiting for the phone to ring.  I am SO not good at the waiting game!  At 9pm I STILL hadn't heard anything so I called the answering service at my OB's office.  The doctor on call ended up calling me back and of course the doc on call is one that I have NOT liked the entire pregnancy.  The first thing she said to me was "you are so impatient".  Excuse me?!!  My procedure was at 2pm and it was now 9pm! I was TOLD to call by 9pm if I hadn't heard, I don't think I'm impatient at all!  She then told me she had just gotten the results back and they came back "immature" she said "I was going to talk to the other specialist but since you're so impatient I called you first.  At this point I do not think you should have your cesearean tomorrow."

I hung up with her and cried.  I cried because I am SO uncomfortable.  I cried because she was SO rude to me.  I cried because I just had this feeling he wasn't going to be ready.  I just cried.

Tuesday morning I woke up and prepared to go to my regularly scheduled OB appt.  Before I left I got a phone call from my regular OB.  She said she was "so disappointed". I said "you are!?!" and she laughed and said "well disappointed for YOU!"  She then told me not only did it come back immature, but it came back "VERY immature."  She said a typical maturity level is 55 and his was a level 6!  She said "at this point here we don't even think we should deliver you NEXT week!  I think we need to wait till 38 weeks."  She said she needed to talk to the whole baseball team of specialists they have scheduled to be in the OR and we would see if we could schedule everyone for either the 16th or 17th.

Again I just felt crushed.  Now not only was I not having my baby that day, but I wasn't even going to have relief in a week!  I mean don't get me wrong, I don't want him born if he isn't ready, or if he's going to have problems, but I am in SO much pain!

But I'll suffer another 2 weeks to make sure I have a healthy baby.

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