Friday, October 29, 2010

It's an update on my other boys!

Ok so in the last entry I updated you guys on the pregnancy/new baby.  Now it's time to spend some time updating about my other 3 little men!

Aidan is enjoying 3rd grade.  He's actually being sent to the 4th grade pod for math because he's been moved up to 4th grade math!!  His teacher has nothing but praise for him whenever I talk to her. He's at the age though where he wants his own "space" and his own "privacy" and he spends a lot of the time telling us to ask Austin and Avery to leave him alone.  I try to be understanding of that.  I remember when I was his age and my sister and I shared a bedroom.  We used to put actual duct tape across the carpet on our bedroom floor and did the whole "this is MY side and you can't come over here."  As we got older we did more of that and even tried to hang sheets and stuff between our beds to give us our own rooms and everything.  So I completely understand his feelings.  At the same time though he ISN'T an only child and he DOES share his room.  I can't tell Austin he needs to stay out of his own room, and I can't always make Austin leave wherever he is at because Aidan wants to be in the basement or watch TV by himself.  It just doesn't work that way. 

Austin is doing well in 1st grade.  He's getting used to having homework.  That took a while to get used to! LOL I finally have it now to where he comes in from school and immediately sits down at the table and does his homework at the same time that Aidan does HIS homework.  It took a lot of doing though because he always told me he didn't have homework or he would "do it later".    He seems to be a pretty popular boy at school! LOL  Everytime we're walking through the halls or at a school function everyone seems to be yelling "Hi Austin!" he says Hi back and then I say "who was that?" and he'll shrug and go "I dunno, a 4th grader" or "oh he's in kindergarten" or whatever.  I always say Austin is the typical "middle child"  Nothing is ever "fair" and he gets great pleasure in picking on Avery.  Tonight for example I gave Avery his 10 minute warning before bed and Avery decided to tell Austin "Aussie, 10 more minutes!" and Austin started yelling at Avery for talking to him or whatever.  Avery started crying and Austin said "oh yay, Avery's crying!"  It's kinda like Aidan picks on Austin so Austin has to pick on Avery.  Totally to be expected, but also totally "middle child syndrome" LOL.

Avery is making a lot of progress finally!  I think getting him back to school and back into Occupational therapy and regular speech therapy is really making a difference.  He's also seeing a therapist for Anxiety and she's doing a lot of work with him on not only his anxiety but also getting him ready for the new baby.  She's been also consulting with a behavioral therapist for potty training issues with him.  He is finally really enjoying school and no longer screams bloody murder when I take him in the mornings.  I recently had to drop his therapy from 3 days a week to 2 days a week.  With all my OB appts and everything going on recently having to get ready for the baby and still take the other boys to and from school and other appts it was just getting to be to much.  I dropped him back down to 2 days a week and said once the baby got here and we got into a routine we would talk about increasing it again.  He really enjoys these therapists and I really like them so I think we've found a great place for him there.  And he gets all of his therapy in the same place, so they all know what is going on and talk about his treatment so everyone is on the same page.

All 3 boys have their halloween parties at school today and their halloween parades too.  All three of them have decided to be "ninja's" again this year (3rd year in a row!).  I can't complain, those costumes are only 9.99 a piece and are really simple. Thankfully Avery's parade and party is in the morning and the older boys are in the afternoon, which makes it so I can attend all of them and no one gets "left out."  I went yesterday and bought all the stuff the teachers had requested for their classroom parties so I could send them with the boys this morning.  Saturday the boys have been invited to a halloween party in the afternoon and then sunday we'll be heading to my dad's house and spending the day and trick or treating with my sister and stepmom and dad.

Gonna be a busy weekend!  Nothing new about that though! 

What's your plans for halloween?

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